My Why.
I was that annoying kid with a camera taking photos of everything in sight – I was taking selfies of my friends and I long before selfies as we know them were a thing. I used to spend hours in our garden photographing flowers just because I wanted to get it just right. That evolved into so many things, I was a full time youth worker for 5 years before I went back to school and formally trained as a photographer. I’ve brought my love for young people and seeing them find their place in the world into my photography. So I always remember to capture the little, almost insignificant details and bring them to life alongside the big bold details of you, your family or your brand.

I want to bring your visions and dreams to life through photography.

What makes me run?
I’m a Northern Irish girl, who loves London and live’s in New York City, Brooklyn specifically with my husband Derek.
Back home in Northern Ireland I have a fat black cat called muffin.
I LOVE marmite. Seriously Marmite and toast is the best.
Sticky toffee pudding is good but a cheese board is better.
Jelly and Ice cream was the dessert at our wedding (I had a cheese board)
I love things that are red with white spots. The more the better.
I love food. I’ll eat pretty much anything. But it has to be made a specific way.
I’m very particular about how much butter on my bread for one.
I love baking.
I own more scarves than I can number.
Potatoes are my friend.
My favourite thing in the world to do is walk along the seafront in Scarborough England and eat fresh seafood.
God is my everything. Thankful.
I don’t like jam unless its in a cake from Chapmans (local farm shop in NI)
I don’t like brown bread. But I will eat it. If you make me.
I don’t like heights.

Derek comes with me on some of my shoots, he both takes shots and helps out. He’s pretty great that way. Any questions don’t be afraid to get in contact!

Here’s a few photos of us being super cute and fun and all that good stuff taken at the Welcome home workshop ran by Emma Case and Pete Smyth  in the UK- seriously check these guys out – you won’t regret it!

Jenny x



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