March 13, 2015

David & Linsdsey | Engagement |Dungannon Park

Where do I even begin with Lindsey and David? I’ve know David since I was 12 and Lindsey since I was 15. These two got together back in Portadown College and are still together. From day one when they got together it was pretty obvious they were going to get married. Now that’s exactly what they’re doing in April. Besides the fact I’m going to watch two of my oldest friends getting married I get the honour of photographing it.
When you look at these photos from their engagement session in Dungannon Park on a seriously frosty Saturday (How Lindsey walked in those heels is still beyond me since we slipped and slided most of our way around) I’m sure you will come to realise the love between these two is something wonderful.
Roll on April and another day of beautiful, sweet happiness.
Jenn x1Couple-Cute-Waterfall 2WeddingPhotographer-Engagement-Shoot-Couple-Love-Dungannon Park-JennyfirLouisePhotography 3IMG_0077 4Engagement-Shoot-Dungannon 5Couple-Wedding-engagementshoot-northernIreland-weddingphotographer 6IMG_0062 7Couple-Love-DungannongPark-NorthernIreland-WeddingPhotographer-NewYork 8Lindsey-David-Couple-Engagement-Winter-NorthernIreland 9IMG_0163 10Couple-Wedding-Engagement-JennyDiary-Dungannon 11EngagementSessions-Love-Romance-Portraits-Couples-DungannonPark 12IMG_0219 13Wedding-Engagement-Photographer-Portraits-EngagementRing 14IMG_0263 15IMG_0270 16IMG_0269

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