June 4, 2017

Davida & Family || 4 Weeks New

You guys, you know how they say newborns are pretty amazing and how they bring this whole other element into a family? Well it’s true. So true. I was so blessed to be able to meet Davida and her parents, Andrew and Eliana. She was just 4 weeks new when we got these images and they are oneĀ of my favourite sessions to date.
Davida is such a sweet cuddly girl and her parents are literally glowing with how much they love her. So watching them interact and just love on eachother was so wonderful. These images? That is just them, I barely directed a thing they are just that sweet and adorable, a photographers dream! Honestly, my life is better for having met them and getting to capture a small part of this adventure as a family that they are embarking on.

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