Fierce | Sasha | Peatlands Park

Fierce | Sasha | Peatlands Park

Had another amazing shoot with Sasha this week. The girl is totally crazy, from climbing on top of a very small wooden bridge rail and balancing to dancing around like she hadn’t a care in the world.

We had planned for a long time to go out and do a shoot over easter but hadn’t really decided what to do. Then between my sister Michelle (Sasha’s mum), Sasha and myself we came up with the cherokee indian theme with a totally fierce look. Her mum booked the makeup and hair and I couldn’t have been any more amazed! Honestly girls out there get Natalie McKee in Beautique in Lurgan checked out – unbelievable makeup. The hair, oh my goodness, one – it was all Sasha’s (girl has so much hair, I’m jealous.) and Nicole Jean Margret Moore from Orlagh Maye Salon in Lurgan totally delivered. Wow. Michelle also ordered a custom necklace from House of Lolo – that girl has so much talent. She made the piece and had it with us in a matter of days – Seriously get on Facebook or Instagram and check these people out!

I really felt this shoot deserved to be called fierce as Sasha displayed such a fierce yet fun attitude when we were out, she totally displayed a strength that all the women I know, have in their lives even if they don’t always feel like they do.

We headed off to Peatlands Park with a small idea of where we wanted to head to and what we wanted to create deciding to get the few shots we knew we wanted and let creativity take hold for the rest. And well, below are the results..

Also, a big thank you to everyone involved you were all fantastic, and a thank you to Mister Derek who is only home for his Easter holidays from London and getting dragged out to assist on a shoot. This guy has the absolute patience of a saint for all the things he has to carry and my constant demands. Sasha wasn’t half bad either hahah!

Sasha-Railway-Tracks-Jumpsuit-Heels-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Browneyedgirl-Legs-Tall-Model-Ni-NorthernIreland-Nature-Wildlife Sasha-Model-Eyes-Makeup-Sitting- Sasha-Bog-BlackandWhite-Jumpsuit-Heels-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Browneyedgirl-Legs-Tall-Model-Ni-NorthernIreland-Nature-Wildlife Sasha-Railway-Tracks-Jumpsuit-Heels-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Browneyedgirl-Legs-Tall-Model-Ni-NorthernIreland-Nature-Wildlife-Bridge-Balance Sasha-Balance-Bridge-Hair-Makeup-Railway-Tracks-Hair-Makeup-MakeupArtist-Warrior-Fists-Feathers Sasha-Hair-Feathers-Plaits-Indian-Warrior-Crimped-Blue-Eyemakeup-Necklace-Blusher-Sky Sasha-Model-Modelsni-Bog-Boardwalk-girl-beautiful-fierce-indian-warrior-PortraitPhotographer Sasha-BlackandWhite-Jewellery-Hair-Stylist-Indian-Portrait-Photographry-Model-Session Sasha-Girl-Fierce-Hair-Makeup-Boardwalk-Shoes-black-Jumpsuit-Hair-Dancing-Balance Sasha-Peace-Stare-Jumpsuit-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Browneyedgirl-Tall-Model-Ni-NorthernIreland- Sasha-Walk-Boards-Forest-Barren-Fierce-Warrior-Girl-Model-PortraitPhotographer-NorthernIreland-Sessions-Portfolio Sasha-Forest-Trees-Warrior-Girl-Model- Sasha-Suit-Jacket-Oversized-Masculine-Heels-Fierce-Girl-Strong-Model-Modelsni-nimodels Sasha-Tribal-Indian-Eyes-Blue-BrownEyedGirl Sasha-Model-Soulful-waiting-contemplating-NI-Northernireland-Modelsni-nimodels Sasha-Model-Railway-Peatlands-Park-DocMartens-Pink-boots-Indian-Warrior-HouseofLolo Sasha-Railway-Tracks-Shorts-Docmartens-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Browneyedgirl-Legs-Tall-Model-Ni-NorthernIreland-Nature-Wildlife Sasha-Dancing-girl-railway-line-warrior-northernireland-docmartens Sasha-Model-Forest-Park-Smoke-Creative-Hair-Massive-Style-BeautiqueLurgan-OrlaghMaye Sasha-Warrior-Indian-Smoke-Hair-Fierce-Railway--TRacks-Abandoned-Peatlands Sasha-Model-Fashion-Docmartens-Girl-BlackandWhite-tracks-fierce-photographer-northernireland-ni-armagh-peatlands-dungannon

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