Mark & Emma | Wedding | Seagoe

Mark & Emma | Wedding | Seagoe

So these two. Oh my gosh.
As I said before in their engagement post found here (if you haven’t seen it yet take a look. Indescribable levels of mushy cuteness)  I’ve known Emma since I was 14, when we met in mr Fultons ICT class in Portadown College. From the moment I couldn’t for the life of me work out what her name was from her login id – egilbert (I thought it said egg-ilbert, yes I called her that) for some reason I couldn’t put together that mine was jhill so perhaps, yno, e might be the letter of her first name. *insert exasperated look at self here.
Anyway from that moment of ridiculous names we became solid friends. We may not have talked everyday after we left college at 18 and headed off to uni. But when we did talk it was like we were never apart. Seeing the journey of Emma & Marks relationship has been an amazing, amazing privilege. When 2months into their marriage you get a message saying ‘ were right, marriage is amazing’ you can’t help but thank God for marriage, the good the bad and the amazing. But seriously these two and their story has been a major process in my life (more on that in a separate blog another time).
Seeing these two on their wedding day, it made my heart happy. So so happy. Seeing two people, who couldn’t be more suited to one another bring everything together, one half of the family from England the other half from Northern Ireland, creating an amazing union was amazing.

Their wedding day was so personal wth family & friends going the extra mile to make the day special, filled with little things, like Woody & Jessi (yes from Toy Story) being handed to me secretly by Emma’s amazing mum Andrea that morning, to Andrea going out and getting everyone in the house bacon baps for breakfast. I have seriously never been in such a relaxed house on the morning of a wedding. Sitting at the table with the family drinking a cup of tea has to be up there at the top of my top 10 wedding moments!

Seeing the love Mark has for Ems is amazing. Seeing his face when he saw her walking down the aisle for the first time in her dress is enough to melt the hardest heart of stone to a mushy pile of love. Oh and lets not forget Andrea’s video speech – wow. Tears everywhere. Throw in that Emma wore the same veil that her Grandma wore on her wedding day. Truly vintage & sentimental.

Anyway enough talk from me, have a look at a few of their images. Nothing I could say or show could do their day justice!

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