I know just how important it can be to document this part of your life. It’s a huge step! Document it, write about it, take lots of photos of it, most of all enjoy it!!

I so encourage you to get a professional session done, you can use these photos as announcements, in your wedding decor, on thank you cards. But also, you can print them off put them in an album (old school much? PRINT YOUR PHOTOS HAHA) and look back on them and you’ll always remember how wonderful it felt to get engaged to your other half.

As for proposal photography – lets face it most ladies will love having this moment recorded – it’s beyond special and beyond perfect, whether it’s on a rock in central park overlooking the city, or outside the cute coffee shop you had your first date. It’s all special, unique and wonderful. If you want any more info on proposals or engagements email us at or at 3476988322