October 14, 2015

Ryan | Little People

Ryan is one of the cutest little people I know. This post is waaaaay overdue in that I photographed this cutie back in March in London. I met his mom through a mutual friend in London and crazily so we both ended up leaving London on the same day! Wheras it was 3 months before we made it to NYC she got there straight away. I loved being around this little man he was so content and was such great fun to photograph.

Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-1 Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-2 Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-3 Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-8 Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-12 Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-14 Newborn Photographer NYC - Brooklyn-JennyCatlowPhotography-BabyBoy-FamilyPhotographer-16

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Little People