May 16, 2014

Sasha and Kacey | Family | Tannaghmore Gardens

I just love getting out with families and watching them interact and getting to take photos of that. When you go through the photos later and see the different personalities it definitely brings a smile to your face. As I’m sure you’ve worked out by now Sasha is my niece and so is little Kacey.

These two sisters are hilarious both great in front of the camera and both completely adorable. Watching them interact did my heart proud as not only their aunt but a photographer.

Anyway here they are 🙂Sasha and Kacey Kacey Portrait Parents Northern Ireland Kcaey Child Portraits Family Photographer NI Sasha Kacey Bench Faces Funny Photography Kacey Trees Tannaghmore Portraith Photographer London Kacey Portraits Playpark child Sasha Kacey Play Park Cuties Holding Hands Black and White NI Portraits Weddings Children Sasha Kacey Family Portrait Session Colourful Photography Jennyfir Louise Photography Sasha Portraits Teenager Ni Kacey Running Portrait Child Cute Playing Kacey Sasha Red Gate Photography Kacey Sasha Red Door Barn Photography Sasha Kacey Black and White Sisters Love County Armagh Photography

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