February 28, 2015

Tyrrell & Haley – Engagement




And I’d choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I’d find you and 
I’d choose you
– The Chaos of Stars –

These two. Be still my heart.
I met Tyrrell and Haley through my church back home in NI. These two are some of the most amazing inspirational people I have come across. Their’s is a cross continent love, Haley being from America and Tyrrell from Northern Ireland. They met when Haley came to Northern Ireland on an internship with CCNI and according to Tyrrell he knew she was the girl for him straight away.
Seriously though these two have one of those squishy faced, raw, honest, pure and infectious loves. They are inspirational and beautiful. They love those around them, they love God and it radiates through them.
Spending this morning back at christmas time with these two was just amazing and it did my soul good. Excited for them and the adventure they are on!
Jenn x

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